The 13th Annual Mother's Day Drawing Contest

Event Introduction

Event Duration: March – May

To honor all mothers and express gratitude for the hardships they bear in bringing up a child, and to encourage, bond and enhance the communications between the parents and children, Sing Tao Daily presents The Annual Mother's Day Drawing Contest to celebrate this special day every year. The event is being promoted in 3 phrases through our major publications including Sing Tao Daily and Sing Tao Weekly in the Eastern region.

The Contest

Each year a theme expressing the love between mother and her children is selected. Children show their creativities and loves to their mothers with any painting medium like pencil, paint, crayon, water color, oil, canvas & such on paper or canvas in the size of 11" x 14".

There are 3 age group divisions:

  • Kiddo (4 – 7 years old)
  • Junior (8 – 11 years old)
  • Teen (12 – 18 years old)

The Judging

Judging panel including renowned artists is formed and to conclude the Top 3 winners and 10 Excellence Awards for each division as well as The "Most Touching Award".

The Prizes

  • Champion Gold (1 per group) - Cash Prize $300
  • Silver Award (1 per group) - Cash prize $200
  • Bronze (1 per group) - Cash prize $100
  • The Most Affected (1 per group) - Cash Prize $388
  • Sponsorship :

  • Excellent (30 Total) - Cash Prize $10
  • Sponsorship :

The Reach

The last event generated contestants from New York City, New York Upstate, Vermont, Virginia, Chicago, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Boston, and even Colorado.

The Exhibition

Selected paintings are to exhibit openly, which intends to encourage and giving confidence to children by showing their works in public.

The Awards

Total of 40 awardees resulted from each division's Gold, Silver, Bronze winners and 10 Excellences, plus “The Most Touching” honor.

Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony is being held around Mother's Day. VIPs including politicians, community leaders, sponsors, winning children and their families are invited, with family friendly entertaining and rewarding programs which attract hundreds of people. Cultural performance of magic show and folk dance highlight all the attendants with laughter.

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